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HelixOS makes Android secured.
Really secured.

And it does so completely seamlessly

How HelixOS works?

HelixOS extends the Android Operating System, and injects into it security modules, becoming an integral part of the Operating System.

Innovative Technology

Being part of the OS provides HelixOS power no other application based solution can have. This breakthrough technology makes HelixOS the most secured solution on the market for Android based devices.

Most Secured

 HelixOS is the only solution in the market enabling Android to withstand zero day attacks, protecting your valuable data from any mobile threat – be it malware, trojan, spyware or network attack – known or unknown.

Completely seamless.

Completely seamless.

Use your Android device as you always did – to access all type of apps and information – business or personal, from ONE single environment. 

Zero intrusion, zero limitations and zero learning curve !

Why do you need HelixOS ?

Android is great, but Android is not secured.

Most of us love Android OS for its freedom and flexibility no other mobile OS offers; however these are the same characteristics which pose a security challenge.

Inherent Insecurity

Writing an Operating System is complex.

Android is composed of over 12 million lines of source code written in a mixture of different programming languages. Add to this hardware customization and other modifications performed by vendors, and you get a system which is complex. Very complex. In such an environment bugs are prevalent to happen. Some of the bugs have minor implications; some however cause severe security vulnerabilities.

Containers are not secured.

Even Though They Appear to Be 

Containers try to create a secure area to store sensitive data in the device. However, what executes the container and accesses the data inside, is the Android Operating system. Thus if the Android OS is not secured, the data inside the container cannot be secured either. Breach of Android OS means the breach of any container it runs.                                                                                                                                                                                                

 Only a solution which makes the OS itself secured, can secure your data.

HelixOS Technology

HelixOS technology revolutionizes mobile security, delivering unprecedented level of security with absolute zero impact on user experience.

HelixOS for Corporates

Meet HelixOS.
From now on, Android is really secured.

HelixOS provides IT and security managers the confidence they need in the most secured technology in the market, simultaneously giving end users complete freedom, with beautiful, flowing and natural user experience. HelixOS provides unmatched security solution, coping with zero day attacks, and real world threats no other existing solution can handle. For instance, even if an attacker manages to break through all other layers of protection and gain maximum permissions on the device, HelixOS continues to secure the business data.

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No need to compromise user experience,
to achieve total business data security.

No more artificial personas, no more irritating context switching between work and personal environments. Now end users can enjoy their device exactly as they like it, for work & play. Security is all under the hood, no longer hindering productivity.

HelixOS for OEMs & Cellular Operators

Meet HelixOS.
Secure your Android products.

HelixOS technology enables device manufacturers, OEMs, cellular operators and custom ROM producers to upgrade their Android products to enterprise grade security level, without any impact on user experience. Now end users can enjoy their device exactly as they like it, for work & play. Security is all under the hood, no longer hindering productivity.

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We empower our partners to provide seamless mobile security to end users, by incorporating HelixOS modules into their products.

Winning Approach

HelixOS holistic approach allows us to both meet the needs of IT and the desires
of users. This is how we empower our partners to bring the best of the best of two worlds – It’s your premium UX, our field tested security!

See it for yourself !

Experience HelixOS in your organization, check out how it solves your mobility security problems.

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Would like to take part of the cyber security market growth?

Let’s create a win-win partnership together!

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About Us

Back in 2011 we knew Android will be the future of enterprise mobility.
But we also witnessed the security problems of the platform.
That’s when HelixOS was born.

Our vision was to make Android secured,
just as it was supposed to be.

HelixOS is an Israeli based Startup company, operating from Tel Aviv. HelixOS management team brings unique technical knowledge in the Android platform, business skills and security understanding.

Together we revolutionize mobile security.

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